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National Motorcycle Profiling Survey 2016-2017


The National Motorcycle Profiling Survey 2015-2016 concluded and the results definitively demonstrate that motorcycle profiling is an epidemic in America. Many motorcyclists in America have been targeted based on appearance, not behavior. The NMPS 2015-2016 is 99% reliable with only a 1.4% deviation.

The 2016-2017 NMPS is intended to more accurately define profiling trends so resources and attention can be focused on the areas that need it the most. As the movement to end motorcycle profiling continues to gain momentum, statistical data and demographic information are an important tool in the efforts to obtain legislative relief across the country.

With the motorcycle profiling argument well established, it was decided that to make a persuasive argument to our lawmakers that antimotorcycle profiling legislation was needed at both a local and national level, we must first be able to prove that motorcycle profiling is not only happening, but it is trending upwards. Moreover, we wanted to be able to pinpoint where it was happening in each of the legislature’s districts, and how often it happened in a five year period (2012-2016).
With over 5,932 participants to date, this survey accomplishes what the Motorcycle Profiling Project, with help from the National Council of Clubs (NCOC) and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) set out to do – EMPOWER YOU.
With the data and trend analysis available from every state in the country, we can now empower and educate not only the lobbyist and legislatures at state and national level, but we can also empower the grassroots lobbyist to present a rock solid case of profiling and discriminatory practices happening in each of their respective areas.

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Last Modified: September 30, 2017 09:35 AM
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