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On any given weekend, in a city, in any state of the union, groups of motorcyclists will be meeting in a restaurant or bar for a Confederation of Clubs meeting. The Goals of Confederation of Clubs are to bring patch holders together, communication between clubs, and a judicial coming together to protect our rights through the courts. They also work with local and state Motorcycle Rights Organizations and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists on legislative issues. Confederation of Clubs, have autonomous leadership, but have one thing in common; they all belong to the National Coalition of Motorcyclists or NCOM.


NCOM was founded 30 years ago as a coming together of diverse motorcycle groups and individuals. In the past 10 years, Christian groups and Independents have been included in NCOM and COCs. NCOM Christian Unity is very involved with our Motorcycle Resource teams through ministry to the spiritual and physical needs of the biker community which includes first aid needs as well as visiting hospitals and jails.

On Sunday, May 17, a meeting of the Confederation of Clubs was scheduled for the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco. The Cossacks MC and Scimitars, who are not a part of the Confederation, came to the COC meeting and an altercation began in the bathroom. Members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club were in attendance as well as other clubs, motorcycle ministries and associations. As the altercation became a brawl and erupted outside Twin Peaks, SWAT teams and police were standing outside the restaurant on a tip that there would be a problem with the 1% clubs. It is unclear who opened fire first, but when all was said and done, there were 9 people dead and 18 injured. Over 170 motorcyclists have been and remain detained under state and now federal enforcement. Some of those bikers are of military groups, Christian groups, and family motorcycle groups. The detainees have had their motorcycles impounded. At the time of this writing, we are waiting for anyone to be charged. Those who have concealed handgun permits and were legally carrying their handguns have been detained. It is said this was out of necessity to the open shooter status of the event.

It is of great concern for us as part of the NCOM family, to see the backlash by the mainstream media, targeting Bandidos mc with little reporting on the Cossacks mc, calling all those who have been detained as gang members, and the misinformation and speculation of citizens who have reacted as ‘experts’. All they are doing is speculating and riding a wave in regards to our biker community whom we love and pray for. We at NCOM Christian Unity will continue to do our job. Our MRT members will be called upon to deal with issues surrounding this horrible event that seeks to black the eyes of the entire motorcycle community. We will minister to those whose families have lost a loved one, or been injured, serve the clubs who are grieving and yes, even visit those who will be imprisoned because that is what we do and that is what Jesus would do. NCOM Christian Unity’s Bible verse is this –“ How good and pleasant it is, that brothers should dwell in unity”. (Psalm 133:1 )Please join with us in promoting unity in the biker community; not giving in to false reports or speculation and above all praying with us for the bikers affected by this tragic incident.

Louie Nobs, Liaison to the National Coalition of Motorcyclists and founder of NCOM Christian Unity

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