About the NFLCOC

In March of 1999, after various motorcycle groups from across America met in Las Vegas to discuss a coming together and the overwhelming need for a national voice to protect our life-style and right to ride Richard Lester came to Florida and held a meeting with the clubs in the state. He explained what the Coalition was about, and how it was changing the motorcycle world. The clubs in the state agreed with the concept and after much work and planning … The North Florida COC was born.

The North Florida Council of Clubs is not a motorcycle club but a gathering of motorcycle clubs. We are joining forces to keep ourselves and our roads free. During the past few years, The North Florida Council of Clubs has been acquiring members with one common interest, helping fight for our rights. After the first year with the dedication of many the Council grew fast. The Coming Together was working. The state split into three different Council’s each with the same goals and purpose. Florida was making history, for the first time clubs were coming together, not only in Florida but all over the United States. The North Florida Council of Clubs is managed by bikers for bikers. All established motorcycle clubs, except those with members who have arrest powers, are invited to join the North Florida Council of Clubs.